Anthems of hope for the tired, hurting & vulnerable


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I quit my comfortable management career. It wasn’t me. The years only increased my yearning to be fully alive. Today, I am no longer a cog in a corporate machine but an English singer-songwriter, based in beautiful North Wales; and I get to share wonderful musical moments with fellow human beings throughout the UK.

My sound – and similar artists

I write soulful, acoustic pop-rock – anthems of hope for the hurting, tired & vulnerable. My musical reflections on life often draw comparisons to James Blunt, Damien Rice, David Ford, Five For Fighting & Jason Mraz.

Fame or money has never been my motivation. Instead, my intense focus is toward reaching people with the message that life is good, that they have immense intrinsic value and that nothing is beyond redemption for any of us.

My songs have consistently proven to stir people in a positive way – as delicate and intricate melodies deliver their message with the weight of a runaway juggernaut. I give my all to take the listener on a journey of the heart and, even if we visit dark places, I promise it will always lead to the bright dawning of light!



Catapult – New album out now

CD cover for Mark Pierce's Catapult album

Meaningful connections

“Cosy, intimate venues are my favourite places to play: together we can laugh, cry and experience a meaningful connection that’s not quickly forgotten. Coffee shops, home concerts, churches & prisons top my list. I hope we get to meet soon!”

Mark Pierce